You Get What You Pay For…Except When You Don’t

December 13, 2018
by Alanna Elling


Nintendo gamers are tilted, online platform not measuring up


What are fans saying?

The gaming community is not one to be played with. The release of Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch is proving to be a mixture of feelings among players. While the premise and execution of the game itself is widely praised and accepted, some gamers are left less than impressed — especially since they’re now forced to pay extra for the online platform. Two major complaints the community has:

  1. Lagging
  2. Matchmaking mishaps


Imagine paying for your monthly Netflix subscription — yes, some people actually pay for Netflix instead of mooching off their friend’s accounts… — and after scrolling for 20 minutes, you finally choose to watch the latest episode of Daredevil. You’re pumped but once the screen loads, it’s actually an episode of Fuller House. This would probably confuse you (or delight you, if you’re a fan of Fuller House). So you decide to choose something else, yet the same thing keeps happening. Oh, and don’t forget the dreaded extra buffering time. Watching that circle just keep going and going and going…You might actually go crazy after a while, right?! Especially since this is a service you’re PAYING for! Maybe.


This is the exact frustration online Switch gamers are experiencing with the release of SSBU. Other online gaming systems (ie: Xbox and PlayStation) are already successful in this realm and unfortunately, that means Nintendo has some work to do.


What is Nintendo saying?

Nintendo has yet to address these common concerns but on 12/12/18, they released an in-game update which promises Version 1.2.0 to “be distributed within the next week”. The only hint Nintendo gave us was to back up your replays — but all we want to know is, will this first new patch alleviate either of the lagging and/or matchmaking complaints?


Here’s hoping users don’t smash their Switches before then.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Nintendo missed the mark? Leave a comment below!

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  1. JohnyRocket

    I really hope they fix this fast!

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