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October 19, 2018

The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 137


October 19, 2018. Welcome to another Friday edition of the program. First up, we have our People’s Panel. The individuals included on this panel are Dorian Graves, Steve Paljusevic, and Jeff Rutledge. Then, what we’ve anticipated all week, the Friday Follies. On for that segment will be Rick Paulger, and Dave Frasetto.

    October 5, 2018

    Podquesters – Episode 30: Live from Cincinnati Comic Expo – Snooze Cruise


    Live from Cincinnati Comic Expo! While the gang stops to take a little rest, Seraph has a few strange dreams involving the rest of the party.

      September 14, 2018

      Podquesters – Episode 27: Live from Michigan Comic Con Part 2 – The Hand of Helm


      Live from Michigan Comic Con! With their new companion, the Podquesters help Skadi track down the mage she’s been trailing, only to find… More zombies! 

        August 3, 2018

        Podquesters – Episode 021: Live from Pandemonium Games and Hobbies


        For this special episode of Podquesters, we perform live in front of an audience at Pandemonium’s DnD convention. What could possibly go wrong? 

          July 6, 2018

          Podquesters – Episode 17: I’m A Sandwich


          The battle rages on as the Podquesters chase down the fleeing doppelganger. Will they be fast enough to catch her? Time for another comical attempt at playing Dungeons and Dragons.

            June 14, 2018

            The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 57


            June 14, 2018. Starting with housing discrimination in Oakland County. Then, talking about the Detroit Economic Club. Also, the importance of Librarians. These topics and more with Craig on The Craig Fahle Show.

              June 12, 2018

              The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 55


              June 12, 2018. Talking about prevailing wage laws. Also, Ohio’s purge of voting along with voting rights overall. Getting into the hire of the new Detroit Pistons head coach. Finally, the Trump-Kim summit. Special guests are Dustin Walsh, Bob Sedler, Sharon Dolente, and Frederic Pearson.

                June 4, 2018

                Pop That Culture – Episode 40


                June 4, 2018. At the Grand Prix this weekend, a GM executive wrecked the pace car. Twitter is telling a girl to break up with her significant other because he eats Kit Kats the wrong way. Also, a Michigan brewery is venturing into making glitter beer. How fabulous! These topics and much more on Pop That Culture.

                  June 1, 2018

                  Podquesters -Episode 12: Gone Fishing


                  The Podquesters continue to fight their way through the Redbrand hideout and find what they were looking for, little Carp. Will they have what it takes to clear the rest of the hideout or will the Bugbears foil their plans?