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October 9, 2018

The Greg Russell Movie Show – Episode 35


October 9, 2018. Falling off the movie wagon a bit but not without a slight mention of Venom!

    October 5, 2018

    Geektainment Weekly – Episode 47


    October 5, 2018. Ian was not happy about the new Venom movie. Is he being too dramatic? Aquaman finally gets his trident. Plus, a ton of shows coming to the DC streaming service. As always, two new trailers to show you halfway through the program to get you all excited!

      October 3, 2018

      Pop That Culture – Episode 115


      October 3, 2018. More discussion surrounding Matt Damon as Kavanaugh on SNL, and Kanye with his antics. Speaking of Kanye, he’s in town to meet with Dan Gilbert. Also, the initial reviews and social media reactions are surfacing for Venom. Netflix is going to let viewers choose the endings of some select shows. In some sports news, a woman was hit in the eye at the Ryder Cup. What’s up with drinking beer through your nose?

        February 9, 2018

        Geektainment Weekly – Episode 16


        February 9, 2018. Joaquin Phoenix as Joker rumors; Venom Trailer; Avengers Trailer; Cloverfield discussion; Marvel/Netflix; Jessica Jones; Wasp in Avengers; Marvel 10th anniversary; Deadpool 2 trailer;Legion Season 2;GOT/Star Wars; Thrawn Comic; Han Solo Trailer; Shazam cast list; TMNT INjustice 2; and more.