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November 15, 2018

At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 153


November 15, 2018. Quite the Thurs-daze today! Bill and Danielle have a music prodigy living in their house! We are covering other prodigies who started at a young age and found success in their chosen craft. Have you ever eaten food that you immediately feel bad afterwards? Speaking of food, we are also talking about different movie theaters around the world and their unique takes on movie snacks. What is your favorite snack you like to eat while watching movies?

    November 8, 2018

    At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 148


    November 8, 2018. Thurs-daze is today. We are starting with an even keeled political discussion. Well, we’re trying as hard as we can. With that, we show a startling video of President Trump shaming reporters for asking pressing questions. Then, showing you some internet time wasters we find fascinating. What are some of your favorite internet time wasters? By the way, maybe the next time your friends dare you to eat a slug, you should think that over. Ending with workout crazes. What kind of workouts have you gotten into?

      November 1, 2018

      At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 143


      November 1, 2018. It’s a Thurs-daze. Bill and Danielle recap their twins’ first trick or treating experience. It was a success and their costumes were amazing! By the way, is it too early to put up Christmas decorations? Also, if you haven’t already heard, Golden Tate has been traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. How do you feel about this? Finally, an amazing landing of a Boeing 757 in less than ideal flying conditions.

        October 25, 2018

        At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 140


        October 25, 2018. It’s a Thurs-daze. Dazed and confused with mixed signals coming from our president in the happenings of pipe bombs sent to various political figures. Moving on to our continuation of Rocktober front man week! Also, David Schwimmer caught shoplifting? He assures us that it wasn’t actually him. By the way, Danielle made the kids their Halloween costumes for this year, and they look fantastic!

          October 18, 2018

          At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 135


          October 18, 2018. It’s a Thurs-daze. Still talking about Mike Clark in regards to Detroit Radio and how it was booming back in the day. Also, the newest trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody. More on the music subject, the newest Rocktober guitar solo is coming your way! Then, a burger from Burger King that can give you nightmares, ugliest buildings in Michigan, and television show-themed breakfast cereal.

            October 11, 2018

            At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 130


            October 11, 2018. It’s a Thurs-daze! Trends around the area are suggesting that 11 mile is the new hot market to live on. Also, an update on what really happened between Rod Allen and Mario Impemba. Then, we are showing another Rocktober video! A couple of interesting videos involving bikes. Moving on to an ordinance being passed to prevent parents from spanking their children. Finally, a re-make of a horror classic.

              October 4, 2018

              At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 125


              October 4, 2018. It’s a Thurs-daze! Did you receive a presidential alert on your phone? By the way, we have another Rocktober video to show you. Also, how much would you pay for Moose turds? A woman in Maine has a whole business dedicated to just that.