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September 24, 2018

The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 119


September 24, 2018. Craig is starting off by reporting the news surrounding the Kavanaugh trial. Then, Saeed Khan joins to talk about Iran. Moving on to a couple more topics such as Justice Clement left off Republican materials and the redistricting proposal. By the way, the Detroit Lions won their first game of the season. Craig chats about that briefly. Finally, discussing the social studies standards update.

    September 21, 2018

    The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 118


    September 21, 2018. It’s a Friday and we’re back with another week of the People’s Panel with Todd Sedlak, Christian Draheim, and Nick Rowley. Also, the Friday Follies with Ed Kelly, Rick Paulger, and Tony Fisher. Live from downtown Detroit at the Buhl Bar.

      September 20, 2018

      The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 117


      September 20, 2018. To kick-off the show, we have Lavea Brachman, Devin Cook, and Dan Treul. They are joining to elaborate on the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge. Then, Mary Sutton is on representing Hour Detroit Magazine. Chatting with Craig about their upcoming event for the first week of October. At the top of the second hour, we have Megan LaCross. She is the Director of Philanthropy for Hospice of Michigan. Finally, in conclusion, Barb McQuade offers more insight on the Kavanaugh trial.

        September 19, 2018

        The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 116


        September 19, 2018. Craig talks about the passing on David DiChiera. Then, we have special guest Kirk Pinho on office vacancies. He is a reporter at Crain’s Detroit Business. Moving on to Paul Eisenstein on behalf of TheDetroitBureau.com to talk about Elon Musk and Tesla.

          September 17, 2018

          The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 114


          September 17, 2018. Starting off the show and the week with Senior Reporter, Chad Livengood. He is talking with Craig about Crowne Plaza and a recap on homecoming. Then, in studio we have Shamyle Dobbs who is the CEO of Michigan Community Resources. Also stopping by in studio are Lee Padgett, and Danielle “Doxie” Kaltz. They are both here on behalf of Detroit AM Satellite Cocktail Club.

            September 12, 2018

            The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 113


            September 12, 2018. Special guest Zach Gorchow joins to start the show. He is an Editor at Gongwer News Service. Then, Chad Livengood comes along to converse about Crowne Plaza and Homecoming. He is a Senior Reporter at Crain’s Detroit Business. Many more things to get to as we round out today’s show.

              September 11, 2018

              The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 112


              September 11, 2018. Beginning with the new polling data in the political races going on in Michigan. Then, special guest Melanca Clark joins Craig in studio. She is the president and CEO of the Hudson-Webber Foundation. Also, touching on the new development involving Jeff Chambers. Moving on to remembering 9/11, and some talk about the Detroit Lions entering the new season.

                September 10, 2018

                The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 111


                September 10, 2018. Special guests today are Paul Eisenstein and Randy Richardville. They are joining to talk about Elon Musk and Tesla, among other topics and discussion points that Craig has lined up.

                  September 7, 2018

                  The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 110


                  September 7, 2018. Live from downtown Detroit at the Buhl Bar. We have the People’s Panel for you to begin the show today. Participants for said panel are David London, Rachel Lutz, and Mizrahi Poindexter. In the second half of the show, the Friday Follies make another appearance. The three for the follies discussion are Nancy Derringer, Dave Frasetto, and Tony Fisher. Watch to see what Craig and the wonderful people on the program are talking about.