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October 11, 2018

Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 59


October 11, 2018. Special guest Irwin J. Cohen and Rabbi Tzvi talk about Noah, the flood, Jewish history, and even some Tigers baseball!

    April 22, 2018

    Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 35


    April 22, 2018. Rabbi Tzvi is joined by special guest Alex Goldis. This week’s Torah portion will be about Slander/Loshon Harah, Leprosy, and Proper speech. Very insightful, and stay tuned for trending news and the letter and word of the week!  

      April 8, 2018

      Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 33


      April 8, 2018. Special guest in studio is Rob Roth to discuss AIPAC and what the organization stands for. Other topics discussed are Isru Chag, Land of Israel, Circumcision and Passover, Passover being the holiday of freedom, plus trending news and the word and letter of the week. 

        February 18, 2018

        Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 27


        February 18, 2018. Tzvi and Peter discuss Terumah, Tabernacle/Temple, Golden Ark, Cherubim, Menorah and the Knesset Menorah. Not to mention all of the trending topics going on in the world.