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October 31, 2018

Get It To The Geeks – Episode 35


Episode 35 to keep you alive on this Halloween episode! 

    October 5, 2018

    Podquesters – Episode 30: Live from Cincinnati Comic Expo – Snooze Cruise


    Live from Cincinnati Comic Expo! While the gang stops to take a little rest, Seraph has a few strange dreams involving the rest of the party.

      September 28, 2018

      Podquesters – Episode 29: Why Couldn’t This Have Been The Batcave


      The Podquesters finally make it to Wave Echo Cave with Jimmy. What treasures will they find? Will their enemies get the drop on them? How many times will Andy embarrass Sarah? 

        September 12, 2018

        Gracefully Greying – Episode 29


        September 12, 2018. Special guest is Judith Cunningham. She is joining Henry to discuss the process of dealing with aging parents.

          September 26, 2018

          Get It To The Geeks – Episode 30


          We’ve reached another milestone, episode 30!

            The Craig Fahle Show - New Radio Media
            September 25, 2018

            The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 120


            September 25, 2018: Cetroit parking with Allen Lengel.  Also discusses national kids count and the Raise the Age Legislation with Alicia Guevara Warren.  

              September 21, 2018

              Pop That Culture – Episode 109


              September 21, 2018. Starting off on a bizarre note. A guy was arrested for rubbing vegetables on hist butt at a grocery store. Of course, he claims it was fake and just for YouTube. Also, Walking Dead movies are confirmed to be in development. Upon the captain of this particular plane forgetting to pressurize the cabin, passengers suffered bleeding ears and headaches. Finally, Tony Hawk has an amusing Twitter related thread ongoing for when people don’t recognize him.

                September 21, 2018

                At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 116


                September 21, 2018. Happy Fri-YAY! Be careful when you’re out and about. There was an attempt at an abduction in Grosse Pointe Woods. Moving on from the scary side of news, enjoy our feel good Fri-YAY video of the week! Also, check out what happened this day in Rock History. Bill and Danielle will be out and about and they’ll tell you what events they will be attending! Have a great weekend everyone.

                  September 20, 2018

                  Motor City Juke Joint – Episode 155


                  September 20, 2018. Ben has some brand new music from the Gorillaz to be played. Also, a mix of new and old local music. Plus, he drops a bomb. Boom!