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May 22, 2018

Get It To The Geeks – Episode 12: 12% Of A Plan


Join Jordan as she jumps into hyperspace to attend the opening of the Star Wars costume exhibit at the DIA. 

    February 16, 2018

    Geektainment Weekly – Episode 17


    February 16, 2018. Special Guest – Make Up/Special Effects Artist Dan Philips. Also the guys discuss – Black Panther ; Punisher Season 2 will start production; All Female Marvel Movie; Thomas Haden Church Superhero Project; DC Films and Comics; Cyborg; Ray Fisher Joins True Detective; Last Jedi hoe release revealed; Comcast rumors to buy Fox; Fox hires Bendis; Cobra Kai TV show; Much More!  

      February 9, 2018

      Geektainment Weekly – Episode 16


      February 9, 2018. Joaquin Phoenix as Joker rumors; Venom Trailer; Avengers Trailer; Cloverfield discussion; Marvel/Netflix; Jessica Jones; Wasp in Avengers; Marvel 10th anniversary; Deadpool 2 trailer;Legion Season 2;GOT/Star Wars; Thrawn Comic; Han Solo Trailer; Shazam cast list; TMNT INjustice 2; and more.  

        January 19, 2018

        Geektainment Weekly – Episode 14


        January 19, 2018. The guys discuss “TruthSeekers”; Venom; Peter Parker/Carnage rumors; Nintendo LABO; Betty White’s Bday wishes from Deadpool; Infinity War; New DC Animated series; Star Wars Last Jedi toy sales; Black Lightning; Justice League Blu-ray release – and much more.   

          January 5, 2018

          Geektainment Weekly – Episode 12


          January 5, 2017. Black Mirror season 4 discussion; Last Jedi Spoiler Review; Andy’s NintenDO’s and Don’ts; Rick and Morty Rumors; New head of DC films.  

            December 8, 2017

            Geektainment Weekly – Episode 8


            December 8, 2017: Discussion Topics – Star Wars The Last Jedi countdown; Marvel up and comings; DC changes their game on screen; Dr. Who Trailer review; Andy’s Nintendo’s and Don’ts; Disney Fox purchase; Rick and Morty Season 3/4 Theory.