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November 10, 2018

Talking Biz – Episode 42


November 10, 2018. No Paul today. Ethan is back with us, along with Angel Castro, and Alanna Elling. They discuss work places being open on holidays, voting, and Veteran’s Day along with Memorial Day. For the second hour, Alanna is swapped out for Mike Brown. They are having a sports discussion.

    October 29, 2018

    The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 143


    October 29, 2018. Craig is controlling the dialogue on his own for a bit. He’s discussing what’s going on in America, along with the lack of moral leadership. Touching on media responsibility, and what it is along with other topics. Then, we have Chad Livengood to kick off the second hour on election day, and other news. Finally, Craig talks about this past weekend in sports in terms of the Lions, and the World Series.

      October 8, 2018

      The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 129


      October 8, 2018. Brett Kavanaugh has been sworn in as our newest Supreme Court Justice. We have Bob Sedler on to talk about that. He is a Distinguished Professor at Wayne State University Law School. Then, Glenn Stevens joins us. He is the Executive Director for MICHauto, Detroit Regional Chamber. On to some sports talk. Craig weighs in on his relationship with the Detroit Lions as they beat the Green Bay Packers over the weekend heading into their bye week.

        February 10, 2018

        Talking Biz – Episode 6


        February 10, 2018. Special guest in studio, Dr. Owen Perlman, as well as a call in from a highly touted local sports radio figure to talk about no – fault insurance and the business end of sports. 

          October 11, 2017

          The Radio Dish – Episode 4


          October 11, 2017.  NFL and the National Anthem; Race relations in the US.

            September 20, 2017

            The Radio Dish – Episode 2


            September 20, 2017. Discussion Topic: Texting – Miscommunication, texting and its importance to people, understanding people through text. 

              September 25, 2017

              The Voice of Reason – Episode 9


              September 25, 2017: Round Table Discussion Topic – Boxing. Special guests – Bernard Harris (Former IBC super banterweight Champ); Hilmer Kenty (Former WBA Lightweight Champ); Tarick Salmaci (Super Middleweight champ and contestant on “The Contender”); On the Phone – Bronco McKart (Former WBO Junior Middleweight Champ).