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September 1, 2018

Real Estate Realities – Episode 16


September 1, 2018. Real estate investing is not limited to residential homes. This week, Commercial real estate lender, Kevin Robbins of Baypoint Financial Services, joins David and Dylan to discuss how to secure a commercial loan for small mixed use or business property.

    August 18, 2018

    Real Estate Realities – Episode 14


    August 18, 2018. David, Dylan, and Emil are joined by a special guest today. He goes by the name of Patrick O’Leary, and he’s representing Blue Peninsula. Find out the latest from the “BIG 3” and Patrick on today’s episode.

      August 11, 2018

      Real Estate Realities – Episode 13


      August 11, 2018. Recent developments at Zillow and other internet based real estate and mortgage behemoths create a stir on today’s show. Which caused Dylan, David and Emil to question if Zillow and the like are the “The Next Revolution Or Is Practicing For Sale By & Mortgage Owner A Dangerous Gamble You Should Leave To The Pros?”

        July 28, 2018

        Real Estate Realities – Episode 11


        July 28, 2018. David, Dylan and Emil review their top 10 things people should know about real estate and finance.  There were so many important things to discuss that we only got through 4 items.  Join us next week when we touch on more useful information. 

          July 21, 2018

          Real Estate Realities – Episode 10


          July 21, 2018. Dylan and David chat with up and coming real estate investor Dave Toupin, who went from having a lawn service at 13 to successfully syndicating multi-family properties worth millions…all by the tender age of 22. Toupin shares his insights, real estate opportunities, and entrepreneurship with the audience.

            July 14, 2018

            Real Estate Realities – Episode 9


            July 14, 2018. It’s Shark Saturday. New to real estate purchases or real estate investing? Dylan, David and Emil share their top ten things to know when it comes to real estate. One hour and years of experience will save new and seasoned buyers thousands of Dollars.

              July 7, 2018

              Real Estate Realities – Episode 8


              July 7, 2018. Join real estate attorney David Soble, investor Dylan Tanaka and mortgage lender Emil Izrailov as they sit with Tax Attorney Venar Ayar and learn all about tax liens and dealing with the IRS. This is a serious topic so the usual levity was kept to a minimum…(not really.)

                June 30, 2018

                Real Estate Realities – Episode 7


                June 30, 2018. A great conversation is had by all – Dylan and David are joined by very active realtor and young entrepreneur Tiffanie Turrentine (“Tiffanie T.”). Discussions include: (1) how not “to cry” when business fails to go your way (at first) (2) time management (3) East side vs. West side properties (4) buying a new investment home, and so much more. Plus the marketplace minute with MLO Sarah Marchi and great questions called in from the listening public…..who is this “Stan” guy anyways? Learn more and join in on the ‘craziness” that is metro Detroit real estate.

                  June 23, 2018

                  Real Estate Realities – Episode 6


                  June 23, 2018.  Real estate Attorney David Soble, seasoned property investor, Dylan Tanaka, and (the ‘heartbeat’ of the show) Nancy Phillips are joined by mortgage originator, Emil Izrailov, and market update callers, Sarah Marchey, Floyd Merrit and Bob Mckenzie.  Laugh and learn about all things real estate this summer.