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October 6, 2018

Real Estate Realities – Episode 21


October 6, 2018. Avoid the pitfalls and mistakes of real estate investing early on. Listen as Dylan, Emil and David get into what a first time real estate investor needs to know.

    August 25, 2018

    Real Estate Realities – Episode 15


    August 25, 2018. Dylan and David talk on the business of real estate wholesaling. Dylan lends his years of experience on how to earn more wholesaling properties and David opines best practices.

      July 14, 2018

      Real Estate Realities – Episode 9


      July 14, 2018. It’s Shark Saturday. New to real estate purchases or real estate investing? Dylan, David and Emil share their top ten things to know when it comes to real estate. One hour and years of experience will save new and seasoned buyers thousands of Dollars.

        July 7, 2018

        Real Estate Realities – Episode 8


        July 7, 2018. Join real estate attorney David Soble, investor Dylan Tanaka and mortgage lender Emil Izrailov as they sit with Tax Attorney Venar Ayar and learn all about tax liens and dealing with the IRS. This is a serious topic so the usual levity was kept to a minimum…(not really.)

          May 19, 2018

          Real Estate Realities – Episode 1


          May 19, 2018. Introductory episode. Join in on everything related to the real estate market with David Soble, Dylan Tanaka, and Nancy Phillips.