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October 5, 2018

Podquesters – Episode 30: Live from Cincinnati Comic Expo – Snooze Cruise


Live from Cincinnati Comic Expo! While the gang stops to take a little rest, Seraph has a few strange dreams involving the rest of the party.

    September 21, 2018

    Podquesters – Episode 28: Battle For Loot


    The Podquesters finish off the Necromancer and find themselves arguing over the loot like a bunch of children. If our DM was our Dad, he would definitely ground us. 

      September 14, 2018

      Podquesters – Episode 27: Live from Michigan Comic Con Part 2 – The Hand of Helm


      Live from Michigan Comic Con! With their new companion, the Podquesters help Skadi track down the mage she’s been trailing, only to find… More zombies! 

        August 17, 2018

        Podquesters – Episode 23: Search For The Cultists


        This week the Podquesters continue to search the town of Thundertree for the evil Cultists. Will they have what it takes to rid their menace or will they get their buns kicked? 

          July 27, 2018

          Podquesters – Episode 20: Plants Vs. Zombies


          The Podquesters make it into Thundertree to find the dragon they have been informed of. Let’s hope they don’t get extra crispy.

            July 6, 2018

            Podquesters – Episode 17: I’m A Sandwich


            The battle rages on as the Podquesters chase down the fleeing doppelganger. Will they be fast enough to catch her? Time for another comical attempt at playing Dungeons and Dragons.

              June 30, 2018

              Podquesters – Episode 16: Castle Crashers


              The plan is set. The Podquesters spring into action and battle their way into the Cragmaw Castle. What foes await them? Find out in thisaction packed DnD episode. 

                June 15, 2018

                Podquesters – Episode 14: The Search For More Stuff


                Our heroes return to the town of Phandalin as…well….HEROES! They discover quickly that everything has changed since the Redbrands have turned tail and ran. The Podquesters go on a bit of a shopping spree and catch up with their old pal Elmer. 

                  June 9, 2018

                  Podquesters – Episode 13: Bearbugs and Bugbers Oh My!


                  In this episode of Podquesters, our heroes fight off a group of bugbears or is it bearbugs? Watch as our valiant warriors slither into action as they clear the rest of the hideout.