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November 17, 2018

Talking Biz – Episode 43


November 17, 2018. Paul and Peter sit down and talk with Jarret Schlaff. He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Pingree Detroit. His company works with veterans and make leather goods from recycled leather. 

    November 3, 2018

    Talking Biz – Episode 41


    November 3, 2018. Paul and Peter have special guests joining them today. See what they’re all about and what kind of conversations take place that you can take away and learn from!

      October 20, 2018

      Talking Biz – Episode 39


      October 20, 2018. There’s a big football game being played today in the great state of Michigan. See how this particular matchup plays a role in today’s show.

        October 13, 2018

        Talking Biz – Episode 38


        October 13, 2018. Special guest co-host in for Peter today. Meet NRM’s very own Glenn Hirsch joining Paul in studio!

          October 6, 2018

          Talking Biz – Episode 37


          October 6, 2018. Peter in his neck brace is toughing it out today! Paul joining him of course, in studio. Who doesn’t love Pizza? Discussing the best pizza places around Michigan. Then, to begin the second hour of the show, we have special guest John Kramer. He is the Vice President of The Floow in North America. He is talking about everything automobiles as well as showcasing what his company does for daily drivers.

            September 15, 2018

            Talking Biz – Episode 35


            September 15, 2018. As we move closer to the fall season, see what the business pros have planned for today’s show.

              September 8, 2018

              Talking Biz – Episode 34


              September 8, 2018. Just the Perlman boys again! Ethan Perlman is joining in Paul’s absence. See what this father-son duo has to talk about this week!

                September 1, 2018

                Talking Biz – Episode 33


                September 1, 2018. Peter and Paul going into this labor day weekend are talking about all of the local events going on. Also, current business trends, friendly banter, and much more!

                  August 18, 2018

                  Talking Biz – Episode 31


                  August 18, 2018. Woodward Dream Cruise weekend! Get on down there and check out the fun! Also, special guest Ryan W. Kroge joins Paul in studio. Then, Margaret Kammerer stops by. She is the founder of Holgistic. Along with Casey Nachtrieb who is a Registered Clinical Herbalist at Holgistic.