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September 20, 2018

Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 56


September 20, 2018. Rabbi Tzvi is joined by special guest Neal Zalenko. He is here to discuss Yom Kippur, the Torah portion and the upcoming Sukkot holiday.

    August 9, 2018

    Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 50


    August 9, 2018. Rabbi Tzvi talks about serving God with all your heart, soul, and your abilities. Also, tune in for trending news, and what bees have to do with war.

      July 5, 2018

      Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 45


      July 5, 2018. Special guest Ora Davy joins Rabbi Tzvi to discuss her play: “Rebuilding Vanished Lives.” Plus a new weekly segment with Rabbi Yonason Goldson of ethical imperatives.

        June 14, 2018

        Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 42


        June 14, 2018. Special guest Nina Yahalomi Klevitsky joins the Rabbi in studio. Talking about a great local event. Also, getting ready for Father’s Day.

          June 10, 2018

          Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 41


          June 10, 2018. Topics discussed today are spies and slander, the land of Israel and it’s fruits, fundraising events, and the always anticipated word of the week!

            March 18, 2018

            Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 31


            March 18, 2018. Special guest Abraham Ben Ze’ev joins Rabbi Tzvi. Discussion topics include: Vayikra, Small children/small aleph, sacrifices, passover, trending news and of course the letter and word of the week and much more. 

              March 11, 2018

              Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 30


              March 11, 2018. Special guest Jason Goldis in studio. Topics are Vayakhel – Pekudei, Building the Tabernacle, Jewish Values, The Sabbath and many more including trending news and the word of the week. 

                February 4, 2018

                Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 25


                February 4, 2018. Joined again by Peter Perlman. Topics are Yisro/Jethro, Jethro coming to the Jewish people, Receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai, the 10 commandments, Tu B’shvat – New year for Trees, the word of the week, and of course talking about the Super Bowl and Super Sunday! 

                  January 28, 2018

                  Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 24


                  January 28, 2018. Special Guest – Steve Weisberg. Bishalach; Leaving Egypt; Bones of Joseph; Splitting the Red Sea; Amazon grocery store; Couple accidentally donates money savings in can food drive; Detroit International Auto Show; Hallelujah.