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October 18, 2018

The Greg Russell Movie Show – Episode 38


October 18, 2018. More of the same shenanigans. Get out to see those movies and let Greg and Jody know what they should look out for next!

    October 23, 2018

    Jody’s FitLife – Episode 12


    October 23, 2018. Special guest Chuck Gaidica joins Jody! A general life discussion takes place on Chuck’s personal journey to a healthier lifestyle. Also, his new business venture. Of course, Chuck and Jody enjoy some delicious healthy snacks as well!

      October 16, 2018

      The Greg Russell Movie Show – Episode 37


      October 16, 2018. Find out how much or how little movies are discussed today! In a round about way, that’s just who Greg and Jody are. Life discussions can happen out of nowhere!

        October 9, 2018

        Jody’s FitLife – Episode 11


        October 9, 2018. Special guests Jake Bielenda and Rob Prete join Jody for today’s show. They are here to discuss their most recent Spartan Race. From obstacles accomplished, and a few that were failed. At the end of the day, what they have to say is it isn’t about where you finish, it just matters that you do. In the second segment, you will see all three of these athletes take action with some equipment Jody brought in to showcase their strength!

          October 11, 2018

          The Greg Russell Movie Show – Episode 36


          October 11, 2018. Greg is rockin’ his NASA t-shirt in honor of the new movie “First Man” starring Ryan Gosling. Plus, regular shenanigans between Greg and Jody.

            October 9, 2018

            The Greg Russell Movie Show – Episode 35


            October 9, 2018. Falling off the movie wagon a bit but not without a slight mention of Venom!

              September 25, 2018

              Jody’s FitLife – Episode 10


              September 25, 2018. Special guest is Stefanie Miller who is the Founder and CEO of barre’letixx. She is showcasing her brand along with her exclusive product “Element 14.”

                September 18, 2018

                Jody’s FitLife – Episode 9


                September 18, 2018. Jody is joined by Patrick Masopust who is representing Cryospa Detroit. Also, Jody has some interesting and delicious snacks to share!

                  September 4, 2018

                  Jody’s FitLife – Episode 7


                  September 4, 2018. Special guest Rua Oshana from Planthropie. She is here to talk about healthy eating, and how she makes her all raw and natural food items.