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October 10, 2018

Gracefully Greying – Episode 33


October 10, 2018. Special guest is Anthony Marsalese. He is joining Henry to discuss hair. As you grow older, how you end up losing it.

    September 5, 2018

    Accent Your Beauty – Episode 8


    September 5, 2018. Tonight is all about the benefits of fat for cosmetic enhancements. During tonight’s episode, Dr Berkowitz discusses fat used from the body for the purpose of volume restoration to the face. The use of fat for hair loss will also be introduced as being performed in the office for men and women alike. The show will wrap up with a presentation of celebrity before and after photos.

      August 8, 2018

      Accent Your Beauty – Episode 4


      August 8, 2018. Continuing the discussion on hair restoration. This episode and the last one will be very informative to you if you’re trying to restore your hair that you once had.

        August 1, 2018

        Accent Your Beauty – Episode 3


        August 1, 2018. Jackie and Dr. Mark Berkowitz are focusing on hair. How you may lose your hair, and what actions you can take to get those luscious locks back on that head of yours.