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August 9, 2018

Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 50


August 9, 2018. Rabbi Tzvi talks about serving God with all your heart, soul, and your abilities. Also, tune in for trending news, and what bees have to do with war.

    March 11, 2018

    Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 30


    March 11, 2018. Special guest Jason Goldis in studio. Topics are Vayakhel – Pekudei, Building the Tabernacle, Jewish Values, The Sabbath and many more including trending news and the word of the week. 

      February 18, 2018

      Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 27


      February 18, 2018. Tzvi and Peter discuss Terumah, Tabernacle/Temple, Golden Ark, Cherubim, Menorah and the Knesset Menorah. Not to mention all of the trending topics going on in the world.