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October 4, 2018

Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 58


October 4, 2018. Rabbi Tzvi discusses the who, what, and why of creation. Also, snakes and forbidden fruit along with the word of the week and trending news.

    February 11, 2018

    Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 26


    February 11, 2018. Rabbi Tsvi and Peter Perlman discuss Mishpatim, Jewish slaves, thieves and robbers, no interest, converts, widows and orphans being without a male figure, receiving the Torah, and the always popular word of the week! 

      January 14, 2018

      Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 22


      January 14, 2017: Special Guest Buzz Van Houten. Discussion Topics – #4 – Magic number 4 on Passover; Moses’s Family; Magic and Miracles; 10 Plagues; blood and money, frogs and anger; Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Shlomo Rubashkin and President Trump; Word of the week; Gomel/Kindness.  

        January 7, 2018

        Let’s Talk Torah – Episode 21


        January 7, 2018. Shmos/Exodus; Creation of Jewish nation; Pharoh forgets Joseph – enslaves Jewish people ;G-d’s sense of humor; Leaders don’t have to be perfect; Iran, American Girl doll, and the Nigerian prince; Word of the week – Bracha/Blessing .