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May 14, 2018

Get It To The Geeks Presents



 Kevin Bacon’s Piglet Relocation Society & Rehousing Initiative

    In his search for the truest of the true, the partymeister looks far and wide to bring you the things that you need to know. With a PHD in Partying Hard… at least in his own mind… this prince of the party brings you facts that can only be described as head slappingly unbelievable… unless he’s partied a bit too hard… then you’re in for an Alternative Party Hard Fun Fact of the Day… which you may just enjoy more…

    Enjoyed this Alternative Party Hard Fun Fact of the Day? Well head over to the show page for “Get It To The Geeks” to see what else show host Jordan Trovillion has in store! Featuring everything from these here Party Hard Fun Facts to wonders from the vast greatness that is the internet…

    PLUS other great geek stuff you NEED to know and can’t wait to see… we know you can’t…

    … It’s Ok… We don’t blame you…Party Hard Fun Fact

    January 19, 2018

    Geektainment Weekly – Episode 14


    January 19, 2018. The guys discuss “TruthSeekers”; Venom; Peter Parker/Carnage rumors; Nintendo LABO; Betty White’s Bday wishes from Deadpool; Infinity War; New DC Animated series; Star Wars Last Jedi toy sales; Black Lightning; Justice League Blu-ray release – and much more.   

      September 19, 2017

      Motor City Juke Joint – Episode 17


      September 20, 2017:  Hosted by Ben Rose with special guest Jimmy James.