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August 17, 2018

Pop That Culture – Episode 89


August 17, 2018. Ariana Grande breaks down in tears while performing an Aretha Franklin song to open the Jimmy Fallon Show. By the way, Steven Tyler shoved a fan trying to get a selfie on live television. Also, Kwame Kilpatrick announces his divorce from his wife on social media. Can anyone out there confirm if there was a UFO in North Carolina? Probably the most important update of all, Taco Bell is testing some new fries.

August 16, 2018

Pop That Culture – Episode 88


August 16, 2018. Sad breaking news to report. Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul has passed away at the age of 76. May you rest in peace, Aretha. Then, what’s up with weed killer being related to our breakfast cereal? Also, the latest internet challenge is “Tip the Bill.” This is a challenge to tip 100 percent of the bill as a tip. Kinda cool, if you have deep pockets! By the way, TSA officers are pretty cool. At least this one in particular, accepting a child’s dance-off invitation. These topics and more with Sara and Joe!

August 15, 2018

Pop That Culture – Episode 87


August 15, 2018. A lot of news surrounding Aretha Franklin as she’s still very ill. Stevie Wonder visited her at her home to say goodbye. As well as Beyonce and Jay-Z dedicating their recent Detroit show to her. In other news, Stephen Colbert got very flustered when Nicki Minaj began rapping about the two having sexual relations. By the way, Cleveland Browns fans, if your team wins a game this coming season, your local Cleveland bar may just hand you a free beer!

August 14, 2018

Pop That Culture – Episode 86


August 14, 2018. Aretha Franklin is gravely ill. A music legend, our thoughts are with her and her family. Also, Chris Hardwick makes his return to work. Following that up with a tearful apology. In other news, pumpkin spice cookie straws coming to Starbucks. By the way, pumpkin spice lattes may be released and the end of this month. For all of you Guinness lovers, a brewery has been opened in the U.S. We knew the Costco samples were pretty good, but enough to fight over?

August 13, 2018

Pop That Culture – Episode 85


August 13, 2018. A news anchor reporting a story about people fighting wildfires, says “farting” instead. Also, Kanye West says he wasn’t stumped by the Jimmy Kimmel question about Trump. Then, Jim Harbaugh put his craziness to use with a cameo on “The Detroiters.” Finally, this could be the end of Crocs shoes as we know it.

August 7, 2018

Pop That Culture – Episode 84


August 7, 2018. The newest KFC Colonel Sanders is Jason Alexander. The commercial is humorous, yet disturbing. Also, weird things from the Brady Bunch you notice as an adult. Finally, nude golf. An Australian golf course, naturism is in full swing. See what we did there?

August 6, 2018

Pop That Culture – Episode 83


August 6, 2018. Lance Bass is heartbroken over losing out on the auction for the Brady Bunch house. Also, a Tootsie Roll Pop urban legend has been debunked. By the way, congratulations to Ray Lewis on making the NFL Hall of Fame! On the other hand, his kids were embarrassed with what he said about them in his speech. Finally, a dog goes viral after photo-bombing in a couple’s wedding photo.

August 3, 2018

Pop That Culture – Episode 82


August 3, 2018. An Alf reboot is in the works. Also, Apple recently became the first company in the United States to surpass $1 billion in market value. Brookstone is going bankrupt. Along with that, three Michigan stores are closing. Crazy odds with this one, two identical twin sisters are marrying two identical twin brothers respectively. Wow, that is unheard of!

August 2, 2018

Pop That Culture – Episode 81


August 2, 2018. A first look in photo version of the new Terminator movie. Also, a photo from the ninth movie of Star Wars. Speaking of Star Wars, fans, please stop direct messaging Mark Hamill on Twitter. Then, a prank at a barbershop has people giving mixed reactions. By the way, yesterday was the anniversary of MTV’s very first broadcast. No, it wasn’t Jersey Shore.