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September 10, 2018

Pop That Culture – Episode 101


September 10, 2018. The Nun had a franchise best opening, and the director had a supernatural experience while on set. By the way, the Detroit Lions kick-off their season tonight! Eminem will be there for the opening coin toss as an honorary captain. Speaking of celebrities, Keanu Reeves visited a Metro Detroit restaurant over this past weekend. Finally, this restaurant is making Detroit-style pizza and using something other than marinara as its’ base.

    September 7, 2018

    Pop That Culture – Episode 100


    September 7, 2018. Starting with some sad news to report. Rest in peace to renowned actor, Burt Reynolds. Mark Wahlberg among other actors to share a story on the late Reynolds. Also, Donald Glover to be Adidas co-creator. By the way, Mario Impemba and Rod Allen got into a physical altercation after the Tigers game in which they were broadcasting on Tuesday. Finally, people are going bonkers over a charity store that occupied all of their picture frames with pictures of Jeff Goldblum.

      September 6, 2018

      Pop That Culture – Episode 99


      September 6, 2018. John Krasinski and Stephen Colbert do a full sequence fight on the Tonight Show. Apparently, Vanilla Ice claims he can fix the feud between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly. This just in, airport security trays have more germs than toilet seats! By the way, despite the protests, Nike is moving forward with Colin Kaepernick as the face of their newest ad campaign. These topics plus a few others on what’s going on in pop culture.

        September 5, 2018

        Pop That Culture – Episode 98


        September 5, 2018. A new season of Ellen has begun. Nicki Minaj was a guest, and gave a lot of information about her love affairs. Speaking of which, men may turn in those Viagra pills for olive oil instead. Oh boy, looks as though Lindsay Lohan has started the newest dance challenge. By the way, Dunkin Donuts may change their name. Ever want to be licked and nuzzled by a lion? These tourists got to experience just that!

          August 31, 2018

          Pop That Culture – Episode 97


          August 31, 2018. Aretha Franklin’s funeral is today. She has several costume changes throughout the event among other details provided by Sara and Joe. Also, some really cool events going on this holiday weekend. Go out and enjoy! If you ever wondered what some of the celebrities’ “real” names are, some funny memes have been made public. Some other topics along the way including a real drivable LEGO Bugatti, and KFC offering people $11,000 to do something personal if you are a parent.

            August 30, 2018

            Pop That Culture – Episode 96


            August 30, 2018. There is still the ongoing rumor going around that Elsa might be Disney’s first gay princess. Also, some toys being made after the 25th anniversary of X-files. Also, Henrik Zetterberg’s career in Detroit looks to be over. Then, some college news involving Michigan State and Purdue in terms of parking and living conditions. By the way, if you learned nothing from The Hangover movie, this act is frowned upon on an airplane. Finally, hot wing and wasabi Oreos?!

              August 29, 2018

              Pop That Culture – Episode 95


              August 29, 2018. Aretha Franklin’s funeral was fitting for her worldwide fame. Ariana Grande among the performers for the occasion. Also, some employees at Google are in a lot of trouble for a celebratory cocaine party. Apparently, a company based in Japan will quit your job for you. The cost is $450 to do so, however. Finally, Netflix bans actors from talking about “binge-watching.”

                August 28, 2018

                Pop That Culture – Episode 94


                August 28, 2018. HBO has released the trailer for the third season of True Detective. Judging by said trailer, looks like it’ll be pretty good. Also, in the finale of “Who Is America”, Sacha Baron Cohen tries to get OJ Simpson to say he is a real lady killer. Holy children. Eddie Murphy is set to be a dad for the 10th time at the young age of 57. Just in case you didn’t know, the gravy wrestling world championship happened on Monday.

                  August 27, 2018

                  Pop That Culture – Episode 93


                  August 27, 2018. The Detroit Tigers have retired Alan Trammell’s number. Congratulations to you, Alan! Very deserving. Also, Ariana Grande slams Barstool Sports for making a comment about her fiancé and his physical appearance. By the way, past studies said having a beer or two daily was healthy for you. Well, a more recent study now says the opposite. Finally, a Detroit police officer goes viral for his aerobics video.