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April 11, 2018

Pop That Culture – Episode 3


April 11, 2018. Russell Crowe auctions jock strap; Star Wars discussion; Bruce Willis Roast; Snoop Dogg weed Mt. Rushmore; Much more!   

    April 10, 2018

    Pop That Culture – Episode 2


    April 10, 2018. Rhonda Rousey; Simpsons Apu and Political Correctness; Best cereal cartoons; Michael Bolton; Detroit; Much much more!  

      April 5, 2018

      At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 9


      April 5, 2018. Sleep Over Rated; Carrie Underwood; Worst parts of best movies; Teachers; Unleashed Dogs; Stuffed Animals; and Much More! 

        April 3, 2018

        At Home with the McAllisters – Episode 7


        April 3, 2018. Michigan National Championship; Husband Fails; Sinclair Group; Uncle Ted calls in; and much much more! 

          Detroit Radio - where is the Talent
          February 22, 2018

          Detroit Radio – Your Audience Isn’t Listening


          Detroit radio we hardly recognize you!  Where are the radio personalities?  Where has all the talent gone?  You’ve stopped talking to us!

          The idea that on-air talent is irrelevant in music radio is the product of the corporate “bean counter.” The practice of voice tracking music sets from a distant studio is like giving relationship advice with recorded message! The personal touch and the connection with the listener are totally absent, and the ability to hold the audience beyond the song diminishes. The station becomes more of a juke box; an impersonal music delivery system that inhibits the ability to attract – and interact with – an audience. What the cost-cutters forget is that when you stop talking to your audience, they stop listening.

          The history of Detroit radio – and radio around the country – proves that a strong wave of change can carry a huge audience along with it. The addition of FM to the radio mix back in the 60’s created new music formats, thanks to the clear fidelity of the signal and the ability to broadcast in stereo. The resulting disruption of the norm was instantaneous! The Rock Revolution spread like a California wildfire. It changed the landscape by providing a new vehicle to an entire generation starving for a voice. It changed radio, and society, forever.

          Fifty years later, streaming is offering even more to the current generations – especially the “digital natives” who demand agile platforms to match their mobile lifestyle and social media networks. Today’s audience has an insatiable need for something new, something easy to access and something they can easily share. New Radio Media meets this need! The live streaming/on demand format offers opportunities for local talent (including Detroit radio and television talent) businesses, and organizations to express themselves, and spotlight their talents and products in a very personal, flexible, and interactive format. The New Radio Media streaming network is designed to offer a way to create unique content in the digital space; working with a dedicated and experienced team to help accelerate the process. The NRM platform is designed to accommodate anyone who wants to build and grow their brand and increase their recognition and influence in the digital universe. If you want to know where Detroit’s talent is heading, check out New Radio Media!

          About the Author:

          Buzz Van Houten, Executive Director
          New Radio Media

          Buzz Van Houten is a broadcast professional with over three decades of experience in Detroit Radio and major market broadcasting. A seasoned radio senior executive, his career spanned 19 years with ABC as a Local, National, and General Sales Manager, during the time major Detroit radio stations WRIF FM, WJR AM and WHYT FM were owned and operated by ABC. He was a General Manager at WLLZ FM for eight years, and also served as General Manager of ESPN radio during the transition from the original format to ESPN. Buzz has a wealth of experience, plus an understanding of current trends and opportunities – within the broadcasting industry and beyond.


          Detroit Radio Skyline
          February 20, 2018

          Motor City Juke Joint is Detroit Radio


          From its conception, Motor City Juke Joint was about two things. It was about Detroit and music. I wanted a show that made the listener feel like they were part of a conversation between musicians talking about music and life. Two and half years later the show is still going strong.

          The show moved to New Radio Media in July of 2017. Since then, I have done 56 episodes. Every single one of those episodes was a pleasure to make. The crew working behind the scenes is the finest group of people that I have ever worked with. Without them, I would not be able to produce top-notch content. The delivery method of the show has changed but the message is still the same. Motor City Juke Joint is Detroit Radio.

          One might see the name New Radio Media and think that we’re just a radio station. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s funny, I’m so used to radio that even I forget that at times. I also forget to look at the camera, but that’s a topic for another post. Anyway, New Radio Media is so much more than radio. I’m frequently being told that it’s “Original Streaming Entertainment.” Honestly, that is a much better description for what we’re doing. I’m excited about my future here at New Radio Media. This new form of Detroit radio is my new home, and everyone here is now family.

          I’d like to end this with a quote from a guest in the third episode of Motor City Juke Joint on New Radio Media. In the quote he refers to himself, but I feel that it applies to all of us here at NRM.

          “I like to think that what I do is a combination of positive thinking and magic.” – The Freshness

          Ben Rose, Host of Motor City Juke Joint on New Radio Media


          Ben Rose
          Host of Motor City Juke Joint on New Radio Media.
          Watch it LIVE every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm EST!
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          October 5, 2017

          Motor City Juke Joint – Episode 21


          October 5, 2017: Special Guest Drew Hendrix. 

            March 20, 2018

            Rise above your competition with video content

            How will you be heard above all the other voices in the online conversation?
            The answer is simple – rise above your competition with video content.

            According to industry estimates
            One minute of video = 1.8 million words of text in the message communicated.

            Detroit radio and news outlets can’t provide the value and the reach you need. Video is the most efficient and effective way to get your message across, promote your business, become an influencer and build your brand. Communication today is visual. If you want to sell it, they have to see it!


            Video effectively and efficiently reaches your customers where they live – on an undeniably massive scale.

            Video content is the key to getting your message across – whether you’re a retailer, a service provider, an entertainer, or an online personality, you need video. Video content sets you above podcasts and other audio/only platforms like radio.

            • Tell your story
            • Build your brand
            • Meet your customers in a new space
            • Tap into the best value in multi-channel marketing

            New Radio Media is producing and streaming original video content from our studio in Farmington Hills, Michigan. While our programming has global reach, our focus is providing an incubator for local talent and a forum for interests and issues in the Metro Detroit area and the state of Michigan. We offer live/interactive shows as well as on demand episodes. Our NRMStreamz app gives our audience access to our programming any time and anywhere.  The shows and app are free, no subscriptions or fees!

            We offer a unique opportunity to local business owners, organizations, educators and entertainers by providing affordable, professional video production services and advertising options.

            Broadcast: Be the star of your own weekly live streaming show – with audience participation and previous episodes available on demand.

            Advertise: Sponsor an entire show or buy advertising spots. We have ad spots for every budget and an in-house production company will work with you to create effective and professional video ads.

            New Radio MediaJUMP INTO THE LIVE MEDIA STREAM!

            Our live streaming/on demand programming offers you a winning formula:


            Hosting and advertising spots are available.
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