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September 21, 2018

At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 116


September 21, 2018. Happy Fri-YAY! Be careful when you’re out and about. There was an attempt at an abduction in Grosse Pointe Woods. Moving on from the scary side of news, enjoy our feel good Fri-YAY video of the week! Also, check out what happened this day in Rock History. Bill and Danielle will be out and about and they’ll tell you what events they will be attending! Have a great weekend everyone.

    September 20, 2018

    At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 115


    September 20, 2018. We’re falling into a Thurs-daze. Would you visit a Cheetos themed pop-up restaurant? Also, it’s National String Cheese Day. Bill on the other hand thought it was something else. Founders Brewery takes a stand, and there’s a new version of a Disney classic.

      September 19, 2018

      At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 114


      September 19, 2018. It’s a WOOHOO-nesday! Also, happy Butterscotch Pudding Day, and Talk like A Pirate Day. Then, there is something about a Mario Kart mushroom shaped toadstool. Also, the first citizen to orbit the moon.

        September 18, 2018

        At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 113


        September 18, 2018. We’re back! We did so much on our vacation! Including taking a trip to Ford’s Garage and Estos Garage. By the way, big Emmy proposal last night. Did you watch? Don’t forget that Tuesday is YOU day. To pamper herself, Danielle does a little procedure to maintain that beautiful smile of hers!

          August 31, 2018

          At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 112


          August 31, 2018. Happy Fri-YAY!! You’re in for quite a treat because we have a bonus feel good Fri-YAY video for you to start the show! Dog owners, have you taught your pet any special tricks? By the way, Aretha’s funeral is set for today. The itinerary for the event is very busy. Oh, and for our feel good Fri-YAY feel good food feature, we have trail mix for national trail mix day! Then, we have our normally scheduled feel good Fri-YAY video of the week, it’s a good one. Many more topics to get to going into the holiday weekend. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

            August 30, 2018

            At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 111


            August 30, 2018. It’s a Thurs-daze! Just out of curiosity, what are some good stories you all have while you were intoxicated? On another note, some shenanigans going on at Target in the parking lot. Also, HBO is making some changes to their programming. By the way, Michael Jackson would have turned 60 years old today. Moving on to some political news, and an update on the mystery woman in Texas ringing the doorbell at three in the morning. Make sure you get out to the Michigan State Fair along with Arts, Beats, and Eats this weekend!

              August 29, 2018

              At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 110


              August 29, 2018. Happy WOOHOO-nesday! Aretha Franklin’s funeral was quite the event. We have pictures to show for that. Revisiting the bizarre food combination that we talked about yesterday. We decided to try one! The results were great, by the way. Also, crazy nature encounter in Bill and Danielle’s own backyard. Quite the peculiar video coming out of Texas. A mystery woman ringing a doorbell long after midnight. Just out of curiosity, do you hold conversations with other people while you’re in the bathroom? Finally, school is starting back up. We have some stories to share about some kids getting into some trouble. Let us know your thoughts!

                August 28, 2018

                At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 109


                August 28, 2018. Happy Tuesday and YOU day! The guys are pampering themselves a bit today, check out what that is all about. Also, there is a ranking of the top 10 selling cereals listed healthiest to least healthy. Then, talking about the crazy story out of Jacksonville, Florida. This involves a Madden tournament, and someone not very happy for being eliminated. Kevin Smith has lost a bunch of weight since he had his recent health scare. Good for him! Moving on to John McCain’s farewell letter, recognizing national Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day, and Power Rangers Day! Food for thought, literally. What are your favorite and bizarre food combinations?

                  August 27, 2018

                  At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 108


                  August 27, 2018. Happy Monday! We hope you had a wonderful weekend. Bill and Danielle celebrated their sweet Maple’s birthday. Also, enjoyed each other for their anniversary! A new segment for today. It’s a Monday, and we feel like craft. Then, remembering John McCain and Neil Simon as they passed away over the weekend. Moving on to talks of a momcation, an eight year old girl getting the police called on her, and Justin Verlander’s crazy hotel bill.