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August 14, 2018

The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 95


August 14, 2018. Special guest Ann Delisi joining the program to start. Talking about Aretha Franklin and her health problems as of late. This was by way of our first Skype call! Also, chatting about business licensing and returning citizens. Then, Craig talking about Brenda Jones. Finally, DTE and Consumers Energy on their path to zero coal. Among many other talking points along the way.

August 10, 2018

The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 94


August 10, 2018. Right out of the gate is the people’s panel. Special guests for that are Steve Palffy, Dorian Graves, and Andrew Lark. Tune in to see what the people and Craig are discussing. Then, like every other Friday, the Friday Follies make their return. Ed Kelly, M.L. Elrick, and Saeed Khan join Craig for the follies cast this week.

August 9, 2018

The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 93


August 9, 2018. Speaking on Charlottesville to begin the program. More election talk, along with the Brooks Patterson letter. Much more along the way including Craig’s son joining by phone!

August 8, 2018

The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 92


August 8, 2018. Starting off with the elections upcoming for the Michigan primary. Spending a good chunk of time on this and getting some different takes from both sides of the race. This topic among others as we progress midway through the week.

August 7, 2018

The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 91


August 7, 2018. Starting off with Detroit Football City Club going professional. Craig sounds off about the Alex Jones situation in relation to getting dropped from social media outlets. Then, talking about landlords. To close, today is primary election day. Make sure you all get out and vote!

August 6, 2018

The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 90


August 6, 2018. Beginning with a discussion on Manafort. Then, getting into what’s going on at Beaumont. Covering a new study with relation to immigrants, and business owners. Also, touching on the primaries. All of these talking points and more to start a brand new week.

August 3, 2018

The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 89


August 3, 2018. Live from the Buhl Bar in downtown Detroit! Starting off with talking about the NABJ conventions wrapping up in Detroit. Then, introducing the people’s panel. Joining that discussion is David Burcar, Jessica Krzyczkowski, and Julien Godman. Of course, can’t forget the Friday Follies. The Follies participants this week are Stephen Henderson, Bill McAllister, and Saeed Khan.

August 2, 2018

The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 88


August 2, 2018. Starting with Monique Marks. She is a Chair Member of Community Education Commission. Then, Craig updates the situation on Bill Schuette. Also, we gave “Shu” Harris joining the program who is the Founder of Avalon Village. Craig gives us an update on Urban Meyer as well. Moving on to a fuel efficiency rollback, Snyder charges are dismissed, and the Hour Magazine hosting an event. Starting August 6th through the 12th.

August 2, 2018

Detroit Radio Personalities Jump into Live Streaming Video


Since its launch in April 2018, local live streaming network, New Radio Media, has built a stellar lineup of morning shows featuring popular personalities from Detroit’s terrestrial radio scene. The switch to a live video format gives these veterans of Detroit radio a chance to meet their fans “face to face” every day. The audience has the option of watching or just listening, live or on-demand – with access from any device using the NRMStreamz app.

Weekdays from 8 am – 1 pm, you’ll find an array of local-interest programming – politics, news, pop culture, humor and more.

At Home with the McAllisters

The morning lineup starts at 8 am in the basement studio of At Home with the McAllisters. From their home base, Bill and his wife, Danielle, talk about local news, celebrities, pop news, trends, trivia, and just about anything – and anyone – that piques their interest.  It’s a fast-paced and funny two-hour morning show that will energize your day.


Bill McAllister has been making Detroiters laugh for nearly twenty years as a radio broadcaster and local media fixture. Detroit area listeners will remember him from top ranking morning drive radio shows, “The Jay and Bill Show” and the “Stoney and Bill Show” on 97.1 The Ticket. After hosting his own morning radio show for the past decade, Bill made the transition to live streaming video – the next wave in broadcasting. Bill knows the area better than any local media personality, and he’s excited about the hyper-local focus of New Radio Media’s programming.

Bill’s co-host is his wife, Danielle Carlomusto. Danielle has been making music and entertaining Detroiters for nearly 15 years, with stints at WNIC, The Beat, and WYCD.

Pop That Culture

At 10 am, Pop That Culture brings you the latest pop news – from celebrity news to trending trivia. Everything from TV and movies to food, local life, and nerdy stuff. It’s a fun, fast hour where long-time friends Sara and Joe do a daily download of what’s on their radar.


Sara Fouracre  previously brought her own special twist on news, celebrity gossip, and daily life to popular shows like “Mojo in the Morning” on Channel 955 and “Stoney and Bill” on 97.1 The Ticket.

Joe Santos landed a radio gig at WHYT-FM in Detroit while attending college. After college, he spent time at WRIF-FM, WXDG-FM, and four years in New York with MTV Networks with a stop at WLVQ-FM in Columbus before returning to Detroit where he was on the air at WDRQ-FM. Joe later became Creative Services Director at WKRK-FM, then an on-air personality on WDVD-FM with the popular AM drive show, “The Blaine Fowler Morning Show.”

The Craig Fahle Show

At 11 am, the two-hour Craig Fahle Show begins. This daily talk show focuses on current events in Metro Detroit and the state of Michigan. From local happenings to global news…if it impacts or interests the Metro Detroit community, you’ll hear about it on the Craig Fahle Show. Craig’s guests include journalists, experts, politicians, business leaders, and others making a difference in the shared community. The show offers fact-based, honest and open discussion and debate about complex issues – with an emphasis on respectful presentations of opposing views. The show sheds light on difficult subjects in a way that is informative, entertaining, and interactive. Callers and social media interaction fuel the discussion. On a lighter note, the  “Friday Follies” are a humorous look at both the big stories and some of the more offbeat happenings of the week.


Craig Fahle is well known and respected in the Metro Detroit radio market, having spent more than twenty years as a public radio journalist. He won numerous awards for both his reporting and his daily public affairs program, “The Craig Fahle Show”, which aired for seven years on WDET. Over the course of his talk show, Craig conducted more than ten thousand interviews.

Craig Fahle spent the past four years as Director of Public Affairs for the Detroit Land Bank Authority. Prior to joining the DLBA, he worked at NPR affiliate WDET-FM in Detroit, NPR affiliate WFAE in Charlotte, NC, and at the Michigan Public Radio network in Lansing, Michigan. In his time at WDET, he was a reporter, news anchor, editor, talk show host, and finally General Manager for programming. He was assistant news director at WFAE, and was the State Capitol correspondent for the statewide Michigan Public Radio network.

The Transition…

These former radio show hosts are opening new doors for the Detroit radio audience on this live streaming platform.  The option to view morning talk shows as video brings added excitement and gives the hosts a chance to bring physical comedy and a personal connection to the mix.  The NRMStreamz app makes shows available from any device, and on-demand archives let fans catch up whenever they like.  All in all, there’s a lot to like about radio hosts jumping into live streaming video!