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October 17, 2018

The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 135


October 17, 2018. Starting with talks of Ford and the train station with special guest Chad Livengood. Then, talking about Michigan’s approval in public aid for private school costs with Jonathan Oosting. Also, some sports talk. More specifically, the MLS with Bill Shea.

    October 16, 2018

    The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 134


    October 16, 2018. Beginning with a debate between Craig and special guest Nick Smith who is a Reporter at Gongwer News Service. Then, Craig speaks on the Gilchrist issue and the Gabe Leland arraignment. To start the second hour, Fred Pearson makes an appearance to speak on Khashoggi. Afterward, Craig sounds off on Trump on 60 Minutes along with what’s going on with John James Swastika.

      October 12, 2018

      The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 133


      October 12, 2018. Coming back this week with the People’s Panel after taking a week off. Joining for that will be Scott Allen, Andrew Lark, and Harlan Moyer. Then, for the second half of the show, we move on to the Friday Follies. The Follies panel includes M.L. Elrick, Ed Kelly, and Chato Hill.

        October 11, 2018

        The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 132


        October 11, 2018. During the first hour, we have special guests Barb McQuade and Paul Eisenstein. Then, the second hour, starting with Mark Phelan. He writes for the Detroit Free Press and is joining to discuss Pickup Truck fuel efficiency.

          October 10, 2018

          The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 131


          October 10, 2018. Midway through the first hour, Nick Schroeck is on the line. Moving onto a video that Craig said made him laugh the hardest he has laughed in a long time, check it out! To begin the second hour, we have Brian Gutman. He is discussing Michigan’s Uncounted. Finally, Gilda Jacobs joins us. She is the President and CEO of Michigan League for Public Policy enlightening us all on the M-step results.

            October 9, 2018

            The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 130


            October 9, 2018. We have Jay Greene as our first participant today. He is a Health Care Reporter at Crain’s Detroit Business. Then, to begin the second hour, Andy Didorosi joins us. He is the Founder and Owner of Detroit Bus Company. Finally, Saeed Khan joins Craig in studio. Saeed is enlightening us on what’s going on with Jamal Khashoggi.

              October 8, 2018

              The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 129


              October 8, 2018. Brett Kavanaugh has been sworn in as our newest Supreme Court Justice. We have Bob Sedler on to talk about that. He is a Distinguished Professor at Wayne State University Law School. Then, Glenn Stevens joins us. He is the Executive Director for MICHauto, Detroit Regional Chamber. On to some sports talk. Craig weighs in on his relationship with the Detroit Lions as they beat the Green Bay Packers over the weekend heading into their bye week.

                October 5, 2018

                The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 128


                October 5, 2018. Friday Follies only special today. Joining Craig for the Follies is Travis Wright, and Saeed Khan.

                  October 4, 2018

                  The Craig Fahle Show – Episode 127


                  October 4, 2018. Special guest Noah Hall joins us to begin the show. He is a Professor of Law at Wayne State University to talk about Enbridge/Line 5. Moving on to new polling data. Also, Craig talks about Kanye’s visit to CCS in Detroit.