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October 19, 2018

At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 136


October 19, 2018. Happy Fri-YAY! Who doesn’t love going to the Apple Orchard? Our last guitar solo video for this week, but stay tuned for next week for the continued celebration of Rocktober! Big game this weekend, Michigan and Michigan State. We reminisce on some past games to fire up the anticipation for this storied rivalry. Finally, our feel good Fri-YAY video of the week. Have a great weekend, everyone!

    October 18, 2018

    At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 135


    October 18, 2018. It’s a Thurs-daze. Still talking about Mike Clark in regards to Detroit Radio and how it was booming back in the day. Also, the newest trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody. More on the music subject, the newest Rocktober guitar solo is coming your way! Then, a burger from Burger King that can give you nightmares, ugliest buildings in Michigan, and television show-themed breakfast cereal.

      October 17, 2018

      At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 134


      October 17, 2018. Happy WOOHOO-nesday! It’s not as much on the woohoo side today, unfortunately. Mike Clark, formally of the Drew & Mike Show from 101 WRIF and the Drew & Mike Podcast has passed away. The show today is dedicated to honoring him and the golden era of radio in Detroit. Reminiscing on the great memories they made for millions of people. Rest In Peace, Mike!

        October 16, 2018

        At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 133


        October 16, 2018. Happy Tuesday! Also, National Department Store Day. Poor timing as most of the Sears stores we know and love are closing down. Then, continuing with Rocktober and another awesome guitar solo chosen by Danielle! Remember, Tuesday is YOU day. Bill and Danielle celebrate every Tuesday. Let us know what you’re doing for yourself today. Ending the show with questionable slutty costumes, and the most expensive bottle of wine sold in the world!

          October 15, 2018

          At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 132


          October 15, 2018. Happy Monday! We hope you had as solid of a weekend as we did! Coming back this week with more Rocktober videos. This week, we’re showcasing guitar solos guaranteed to melt your face off! By the way, if you didn’t already know, a new Church of Scientology opened up in Detroit. Bill and Danielle discuss their opinions on that. Finally, congratulations to the Livonia Churchill Chargers on making it to the state championship! Danielle is very proud of her former high school.

            October 12, 2018

            At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 131


            October 12, 2018. Have any good weekend plans? Bill and Danielle talk about theirs. Then, a short segment being introduced called “Don’t even get me started.” Plus, another Rocktober video to showcase! Speaking of music, Spotify is celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Wait until you see the most popular artist played in Michigan. Finally, we end with our feel good Fri-YAY video of the week. Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!

              October 11, 2018

              At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 130


              October 11, 2018. It’s a Thurs-daze! Trends around the area are suggesting that 11 mile is the new hot market to live on. Also, an update on what really happened between Rod Allen and Mario Impemba. Then, we are showing another Rocktober video! A couple of interesting videos involving bikes. Moving on to an ordinance being passed to prevent parents from spanking their children. Finally, a re-make of a horror classic.

                October 10, 2018

                At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 129


                October 10, 2018. Rod Allen and Mario Impemba will not be returning to the Detroit Tigers broadcast booth. Should Bill submit his resume? Of course, we have another excellent Rocktober video to show you! Also, really cool footage of whales surfacing right next to a family’s boat. Finally, this young woman put out a song to voice her frustration on the current societal roles for men and women.

                  October 9, 2018

                  At Home With The McAllisters – Episode 128


                  October 9, 2018. Happy Tuesday! Remember, Tuesday is a YOU day! Bill and Danielle are earning it today after a couple of difficult topics to discuss. Then, we have another Rocktober video to show you!