Kyle Green

Kyle Green began his career in television as a fitness consultant for a local medical show, quickly rising through the ranks to become the Vice President. While producing many of his own shows, Kyle was nominated for 3 Emmys! Wanting to use his experience to promote his passion for the outdoors, he left the show to produce his own.

Of the original creators of the show, Kyle has always been described as “The Passion”. His love for the outdoors developed while learning from his Dad on countless hunting and fishing trips. Gaining this appreciation of the outdoors, Kyle has a wealth of experience in both hunting and fishing, but still enjoys learning new tactics with the audience.

Jeff Hutchinson

Jeff Hutchinson grew up in southeastern Michigan without much interest in hunting. However some of his greatest childhood memories come from family fishing trips with his Dad and Grandpa. He also spent much of his time biking, swimming and playing outdoor sports with his friends. Now in his 20’s, Jeff has developed a passion for raising his own ducks, chickens and turkeys. He runs (not always enthusiastically) and enjoys anytime he gets to be outdoors.

A newcomer to media and television, Jeff has learned a lot, providing support for the show in multiple ways including outreach for future episodes, website development, and research.

Aaron "AJ" Beadle

AJ has been with the team for about 2 years now. Prior to the show, most of his video work was as a Production Assistant for various productions in the Detroit area. With The Green Way Outdoors giving him a chance to utilize his talents, he has become a great fit for the TGWO team.

With not having a background in hunting or fishing, AJ is coming around to enjoying all aspects of nature while believing in our message wholeheartedly. Contributing to the great natural chemistry of the team, AJ has always done a great job in communicating our honest message, making each episode as authentic an experience as possible.

Ryan Parks

Ryan has had a knack for media production from an early age. While still in elementary school, he and a friend made a website where they posted little skits. This knack turned into something greater while he attended high school and received the opportunity to write, direct and produce multiple Public Service Announcements. These productions went onto win national awards around the country. Ryan was self taught in the field of video production until high school when he had a class with Rich Ashley, who taught him the most effective ways to produce a project and present it to an audience.
Ryan attributes his love of the outdoors to his father, who would take him hunting and fishing, and taught him about the outdoors. Hunting is a very well practiced tradition in his family, as it teaches people how to respect the outdoors and have respect for the lives of the creatures put here by God. The skills he obtained from hunting and fishing combined with his talent in media production has provided him a great position on The Green Way Outdoors production team. He feels that it is a true blessing to be apart of a team that is striving to get the youth of the world involved in the outdoors all while giving thanks to God.