Prescription for Your Health – Cross Training

March 8, 2018
by Alan Contino

If you’re like one of the many Baby Boomers that I see in my practice who is plagued by constant aches and pains, then the prescription for what ails you might be a regimen of cross training.

The aches and pains of aging have been recorded since the days of the ancient Greeks and Romans. These days, Baby Boomers who grew up with a solid program of aerobic exercise are finding that all that work may have paid off in their cardiovascular and immune system health, but it took a toll on joints that should have been given a breath years ago. The result we see in clinical practice is a combination of arthritis, bursitis, and tendinitis which one researcher chose to call “Boomeritis.”

When this happens it’s time to give up your beloved morning runs and concentrate instead on an exercise program that gives all of your body a chance to work and relax. So, instead of running, jogging, or playing basketball, you should consider swimming, biking, or walking. The mixing and matching of exercise routines is known as cross training, and it appears to be the wave of the future for Baby Boomers who want to combine living an active life that includes exercise to stay in shape.

Remember, joint pain is no excuse to go to the couch and settle on a diet of ice cream and potato chips. Rather, it should be a signal that it’s time to add variety as a spice of life to your daily exercise routine. There are numerous newer exercise modalities such as spinning, Peloton, rowing machines, ellipticals, and ski machines that will take the edge off your aching joints. Remember, when outside or on a treadmill each foot strike is three to four times your body weight!

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