Cracking the Avengers Endgame Plot

April 3, 2019
by Andy Bisaha

So… after having now watched the new Endgame trailer way too many times… I have a new theory… Marvel has previously stated the marketing for Endgame will only feature footage from the first 15 minutes of the movie… with that in mind, what if everything in this morning’s trailer that isn’t set in that main room where everyone is together, is actually stuff set in an alternate timeline?


Maybe the movie starts with giving us a look at the timeline where they win and the shot of the main three walking towards Thanos isn’t from later in the film, but the start. Maybe it’s not the one they win, but just another timeline… either way… Now you’re probably asking yourself, or at least you are in my head for the sake of this rant, why/how would they do that? I think we need to look no farther than the after the credit scene from Ant-man and Wasp.


Before going into the Quantum realm, Janet mentions that Scott needs to avoid the time tunnels… the snap then happens across the world in Wakanda, thus dusting  Hank, Janet and Hope from existence and causing Scott to be stuck. What if these alternate timelines are seen while Ant-man is attempting to get back to the main timeline? What if the timeline he sees is the one Doctor Strange saw where they win and Scott then tells the team how he saw them defeat Thanos, thus setting into motion the main plot of the film where the Avengers have to go into the quantum realm to travel back in time/to alternate timelines in an attempt to stop Thanos.


I’m a little iffy on that last part, but I’m pretty convinced about everything else… oh man… April 25th cannot come soon enough… I also still think one of the main deaths will end up being a skrull reveal… Captain Marvel’s plot be damned… but that’s a rant for another time… 

Written by Ian Bensman

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