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Jody’s FitLife

New episodes every Tuesday at 7 pm EST on New Radio Media!

Join Jody Trierweiler, a personal trainer and exercise instructor with a degree in Sports Medicine, for a candid look inside the challenging world of fitness and weight loss. Facing societal pressure to be thin and beautiful, many people are unable to maintain the weight they desire.

Jody and her guests will review both the health and weight loss strategies that are ineffective, and those that seem to be legit!

Wellness, health, exercise, beauty – and certainly weight loss – will be discussed with celebrity guests, local athletes, and local business owners.

  • Jody’s FitLife – Episode 12

    Jody’s FitLife – Episode 12

    October 23, 2018. Special guest Chuck Gaidica joins Jody! A general life discussion takes place on Chuck's personal journey to a healthier lifestyle. Also, his new business venture. Of course, Chuck and Jody enjoy some delicious healthy snacks as well!

  • Jody’s FitLife – Episode 11

    Jody’s FitLife – Episode 11

    October 9, 2018. Special guests Jake Bielenda and Rob Prete join Jody for today's show. They are here to discuss their most recent Spartan Race. From obstacles accomplished, and a few that were failed. At the end of the day, what they have to say is it isn't about where you finish, it just matters that you do. In the second segment, you will see all three of these athletes take action with some equipment Jody brought in to showcase their strength!

  • Jody’s FitLife – Episode 10

    Jody’s FitLife – Episode 10

    September 25, 2018. Special guest is Stefanie Miller who is the Founder and CEO of barre'letixx. She is showcasing her brand along with her exclusive product "Element 14."

  • Jody’s FitLife – Episode 9

    Jody’s FitLife – Episode 9

    September 18, 2018. Jody is joined by Patrick Masopust who is representing Cryospa Detroit. Also, Jody has some interesting and delicious snacks to share!

  • Jody’s FitLife – Episode 8

    Jody’s FitLife – Episode 8

    September 11, 2018. Special guests are joining Jody today. Introducing you to new products for healthy alternatives in your daily habits.

  • Jody’s FitLife – Episode 7

    Jody’s FitLife – Episode 7

    September 4, 2018. Special guest Rua Oshana from Planthropie. She is here to talk about healthy eating, and how she makes her all raw and natural food items.

  • Jody’s FitLife – Episode 6

    Jody’s FitLife – Episode 6

    August 21, 2018. Greg Russell is back again with Jody. Also, they are joined by Elias Majid of Eli Tea. He is here to talk about his company and the products they have available that are beneficial to your health.

  • Jody’s FitLife – Episode 5

    Jody’s FitLife – Episode 5

    August 14, 2018. Special guest is Greg Russell! This may be a familiar setting for these two paired together. Greg tells us about his own weight loss journey and we get to show a little bit about what he's all about in his own profession.

  • Jody’s FitLife – Episode 4

    Jody’s FitLife – Episode 4

    August 7, 2018. Barbara is back with Jody. Also, Paul from Stretch Zone is in the house to help shed some light on how to properly stretch if you can't do it on your own.

  • Jody’s FitLife – Episode 3

    Jody’s FitLife – Episode 3

    July 31, 2018. Special guest Barbara Bloink joins the program. Jody and Barb are talking about healthy snacks, the spartan race, among other healthy lifestyle habits to get you into shape. All the while, drinking some fabulous wine!

  • Jody’s FitLife – Episode 2

    Jody’s FitLife – Episode 2

    July 24, 2018. Caroline Eldredge is back with Jeff Krause as Jody's special guests. Discussing the floating spa and benefits that it has on your body, and wellness. All the while, drinking wine and enjoying healthy snacks!

  • Jody’s FitLife – Episode 1

    Jody’s FitLife – Episode 1

    July 17, 2018. Introductory episode to the fit life. Jody Trierweiler and her special guest Caroline Eldredge talk about being active, recovering from injury, along with measures you can take in every day life to be healthier!

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