Anthony Esser

Anthony Esser - Co-host of Better With You on New Radio MediaI work in ministry in the DC metro area and live with my wife and daughter blocks away from the beautiful Chesapeake bay. I’ve managed a bookstore, done stand-up comedy and traveled from Canada to Croatia but one of my biggest adventures has been my friendship with my co-host Miles. Our decade together has seen many collaborations and our podcast, Better With You, is one of my proudest!

I grew up listening to traffic news as my Dad drove my siblings and I to school. It wasn’t until I had my first real commute that I discovered public radio and then podcasts. I quickly became captivated by narrative journalism and the dynamic storytelling of Glen Washington, Jad Abumrad, and Jonathan Goldstein, and the co-hosting chemistry of Alex Goldman and PJ Vogt.

I’m so excited to share these stories my best friends and I have been collecting. Thank you so much for listening!

Miles Woodfield

Miles Woodfield - Co-Host of Better With You - on New Radio MediaI am a special education teacher living in Eastern Ohio, currently working with students in autism in the capacity of behavioral therapy. I have known Tony for ten years, and not only is he the godfather of my oldest daughter, Ruby, but I was the best man at his wedding (the best man speech included a quote from Bright Eyes).

We were part of a faith group together in college, and we currently play fiddle and mandolin in a bluegrass band together, The Hoary Mountain Brothers. Despite our decade of playing music and performing together, Better With You is our first foray into podcasting. We are learning a lot.

In my free time, I play my mandolin obsessively and am an avid food preservationist (canning, pickling, butchery, curing), but if I’m honest, my amazing kids and wife take up all my time-which I absolutely adore.

Thanks for listening.