Paul Bensman

Paul Bensman, a born entrepreneur, got his business start in grade school, selling candy to the neighborhood children on his driveway in Southfield Michigan. He learned about target markets and profit margins at an early age.

Bensman has always had a keen sense of timing; a natural ability to spot rising trends, read the market, and identify growth opportunities. He started three successful businesses while still in college, including a DJ service and a chain of retail stores known as Crazy Benzy’s which he later franchised.

After years spent learning all aspects of the retail industry, Bensman entered the world of commercial real estate with a focus on retail tenants and properties. He started his own brokerage less than 10 years later and is currently CEO of Locations Commercial Real Estate Services.

Today, Bensman runs multiple companies and also offers business consulting. He and his son, Ian, created the concept for New Radio Media. His role in the development of a live streaming media network is another example of his uncanny ability to identify a business sector that is primed for explosive growth.

Armen Nazarian

Armen has lived and worked in the Metro Detroit area his entire life. He opened his first business in 1988. As the owner of multiple Dry Cleaners and Tanning Salons, he acquired the first-hand knowledge necessary to guide buyers and sellers through the business purchase process.

Armen’s lifelong passion for real estate and business culminated when he became a full time business broker in 2007. Armen has consistently been one of the top producing agents in the State of Michigan.

Armen Nazarian is committed to helping Buyers and Sellers buy and sell businesses in a fair, honest and professional manner while striving to keep the transaction as confidential as possible. He has many years of experience selling business and commercial real estate throughout the State of Michigan.