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If you’re running a business, starting a business, or just curious about the world of business, “Talking Biz” on New Radio Media is your source for conversation and inspiration!

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Hosts, Paul Bensman and Peter Perlman are successful entrepreneurs who have a lot to say about the current business climate. Business owners from the Metro Detroit area join the hosts to share their stories, and their ideas. It’s a lighthearted conversation, like talking with friends.

Bensman and Perlman also spotlight issues that affect the local business community. Whatever the topic, their conversations often veer off in entertaining directions!

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  • Talking Biz – Episode 42

    Talking Biz – Episode 42

    November 10, 2018. No Paul today. Ethan is back with us, along with Angel Castro, and Alanna Elling. They discuss work places being open on holidays, voting, and Veteran's Day along with Memorial Day. For the second hour, Alanna is swapped out for Mike Brown. They are having a sports discussion.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 41

    Talking Biz – Episode 41

    November 3, 2018. Paul and Peter have special guests joining them today. See what they're all about and what kind of conversations take place that you can take away and learn from!

  • Talking Biz – Episode 40

    Talking Biz – Episode 40

    October 27, 2018. No Paul today. Tom Athans is in his place with the Perlman boys on this fine Saturday morning. See where the conversation goes!

  • Talking Biz – Episode 39

    Talking Biz – Episode 39

    October 20, 2018. There's a big football game being played today in the great state of Michigan. See how this particular matchup plays a role in today's show.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 38

    Talking Biz – Episode 38

    October 13, 2018. Special guest co-host in for Peter today. Meet NRM's very own Glenn Hirsch joining Paul in studio!

  • Talking Biz – Episode 37

    Talking Biz – Episode 37

    October 6, 2018. Peter in his neck brace is toughing it out today! Paul joining him of course, in studio. Who doesn't love Pizza? Discussing the best pizza places around Michigan. Then, to begin the second hour of the show, we have special guest John Kramer. He is the Vice President of The Floow in North America. He is talking about everything automobiles as well as showcasing what his company does for daily drivers.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 36

    Talking Biz – Episode 36

    September 22, 2018. As we feel the cool, crisp air; join the Perlman boys for a great discussion. Ethan and Peter are talking trends, Autumn weather, and of course what's going on in the world of business today.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 35

    Talking Biz – Episode 35

    September 15, 2018. As we move closer to the fall season, see what the business pros have planned for today’s show.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 34

    Talking Biz – Episode 34

    September 8, 2018. Just the Perlman boys again! Ethan Perlman is joining in Paul's absence. See what this father-son duo has to talk about this week!

  • Talking Biz – Episode 33

    Talking Biz – Episode 33

    September 1, 2018. Peter and Paul going into this labor day weekend are talking about all of the local events going on. Also, current business trends, friendly banter, and much more!

  • Talking Biz – Episode 32

    Talking Biz – Episode 32

    August 25, 2018. Catching up on current business trends and keeping you abreast of what to know everything related to business.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 31

    Talking Biz – Episode 31

    August 18, 2018. Woodward Dream Cruise weekend! Get on down there and check out the fun! Also, special guest Ryan W. Kroge joins Paul in studio. Then, Margaret Kammerer stops by. She is the founder of Holgistic. Along with Casey Nachtrieb who is a Registered Clinical Herbalist at Holgistic.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 30

    Talking Biz – Episode 30

    August 4, 2018. Paul is back from up north! Find out the latest business trends, local events, and how our economy is affected in terms of everything business. Also, special guest Dan Nichols joins Paul and Peter in studio.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 29

    Talking Biz – Episode 29

    July 28, 2018. In absence of Paul, Peter and Ethan are joined by Drew Hendrix in studio. Talking a lot about upcoming local events and attractions. As well as current trends. Not to mention, a little bit of sports discussion. Also, special guest Robert Corlin makes an appearance. He is the owner of Watchbands Plus.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 28

    Talking Biz – Episode 28

    July 21, 2018. A discussion about current trends from malls, to wanting an experience of service among many other things. Also, find out the motivation behind the saying, "I love you, but I don't like you right now."

  • Talking Biz – Episode 27

    Talking Biz – Episode 27

    July 14, 2018. Peter's son Ethan joins Peter and Paul in studio for the third week in a row! Also, special guest Edward Deeb sits in as well. He is the founder and chairman of the MI Youth Appreciation Foundation.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 26

    Talking Biz – Episode 26

    July 7, 2018. Peter’s son Ethan is sitting in for Paul today. Special guests Debbie Binder, and Jess Monticello join the program. Discussing voting, and also talking about sports.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 25

    Talking Biz – Episode 25

    June 30, 2018. Peter's son Ethan joins the Talking Biz crew. Find out their round table talks on this sweltering day in June.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 24

    Talking Biz – Episode 24

    June 23, 2018. Paul and Peter discuss the locomotive industry for most of the show. Especially because of the newly renovated Michigan Central Station upon Ford purchasing the previously rundown facility.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 23

    Talking Biz – Episode 23

    June 16, 2018. Looking to promote your business? Join Paul and Peter to get all of the hot tips for the very competitive market along with the hottest trends!

  • Talking Biz – Episode 22

    Talking Biz – Episode 22

    June 9, 2018. Peter calling in from a remote location. Special guest in studio is Steve Feldman.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 21

    Talking Biz – Episode 21

    June 2, 2018. Special guests are Jay Kalisky and Adam Gottlieb.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 20

    Talking Biz – Episode 20

    May 26, 2018. Peter and Paul with their weekly discussion on everything you need to know about the business market.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 19

    Talking Biz – Episode 19

    May 19, 2018. Special guest Steve Dobreff joins the show. He is the owner of Freedom Boat Club Lake St. Clair.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 18

    Talking Biz – Episode 18

    May 5, 2018. Paul and Peter are joined by special guest in studio, Curtis Lawson. He is the Deputy Chief at the West Bloomfield Police Department.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 17

    Talking Biz – Episode 17

    April 28, 2018. Peter joins through the phone from Orlando, Florida. Meanwhile, in studio we have special guest Henry Tarnow who is the president of Tarnow Doors.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 16

    Talking Biz – Episode 16

    April 21, 2018. Paul and Peter are joined by special guests Sam DiNello who is a volunteer with Playworks Non- Profit, along with Karen Dunham who is the Program Manager with Playworks. 

  • Talking Biz – Episode 15

    Talking Biz – Episode 15

    April 14, 2018. Special guest in studio is Evan Pazkowski who is a marketing representative at a restaurant called Anna's House.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 14

    Talking Biz – Episode 14

    April 7, 2018. Paul and Peter are joined by Alex Winkler who is the CEO of The Bread Basket Deli.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 13

    Talking Biz – Episode 13

    March 31, 2018. Peter Perlman joins in via the telephone once more. Paul is joined by David Soble from Proven Resource who is our special guest in studio.

  • Talking Biz – Episode 12

    Talking Biz – Episode 12

    March 24, 2018. Paul and Peter are joined via phone call by Tim Richey who is the CEO of Detroit Police Athletic League (PAL). Also in studio by the Author of "Why Technology Recruiting is Broken," Steve Acho who offers some great insight. Meanwhile talking everything there is to know about business as usual. 

  • Talking Biz – Episode 11

    Talking Biz – Episode 11

    March 17, 2018. Special guests in studio today. Artist Roy Thomas followed by Arthur and Mindy Bricker who own Bricker Tunis Furs and Leathers

  • Talking Biz – Episode 10

    Talking Biz – Episode 10

    March 10, 2018. Peter Perlman checks in from abroad via telephone. In studio guests are Auto Broker Doug Saroki along with Katie Wright from Keller Williams. 

  • Talking Biz – Episode 9

    Talking Biz – Episode 9

    March 3, 2018. Peter is joined by Ian Bensman, President of New Radio Media. Discussing the count down to the official kick-off. Special Guest Chet Moriates drops by the studio to chat about cryptocurrency. 

  • Talking Biz – Episode 8

    Talking Biz – Episode 8

    February 24, 2018. Discussing how bad Michigan roads are and the massive pot holes that come with them. Trivia time, and talking about some food. Special guest Attorney Scott Weinberg in studio talking about his business CourtWorks, LLC, which he founded. 

  • Talking Biz – Episode 7

    Talking Biz – Episode 7

    February 17, 2018. Talking Biz is touching on local businesses, and grocery stores being a dying market. Special guest in studio Ron Elkus who owns The Shirt Box talking about the history of his store and how he turned an idea into a reality. 

  • Talking Biz – Episode 6

    Talking Biz – Episode 6

    February 10, 2018. Special guest in studio, Dr. Owen Perlman, as well as a call in from a highly touted local sports radio figure to talk about no - fault insurance and the business end of sports. 

  • Talking Biz – Episode 5

    Talking Biz – Episode 5

    February 3, 2018. Joined by special guests Joe and Jeff Lupo from Lupo Chiropractic Center in Roseville, Michigan. Discussing the super bowl, food preparation, and what gets spent on advertising as a whole. Also, touching on millennials and how they watch their content by getting some input from the NRM team! 

  • Talking Biz – Episode 4

    Talking Biz – Episode 4

    January 27, 2018. Paul and Peter and special guests: Ariana from Rear Ends Fashions, Victor Wong who is a health insurance agent with National Benefit Plans Agency, Bradley K. Feldman with Schechter Wealth, and Bradley's wife Melissa and her party planning company. All of these topics covered as well as what's going on in Detroit and Michigan as a whole from an economical standpoint.  

  • Talking Biz – Episode 3

    Talking Biz – Episode 3

    January 13, 2018. Paul sits down with a batch of guests including: Stuart Dorf, David Soble Esquire, Josh Farlow, Eddie Biederman, and Arthur Rott about their respective businesses! 

  • Talking Biz – Episode 2

    Talking Biz – Episode 2

    December 16, 2017: Peter Perlman and Paul Bensman discuss Michigan business; NRM; Detroit.  

  • Talking Biz – Episode 1

    Talking Biz – Episode 1

    Round table discussion featuring Paul Bensman, Peter Perlman, and Buzz Van Houten. 


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