New Radio Media Indie Short Showcase

NRM Indie Short Showcase

NRM Indie Film Showcase on New Radio Media is THE PLACE for wonderfully unique content from independent filmmakers.  Short films, and independent features  can be found right here!

Film Lovers

There are so many undiscovered gems out there. Most filmmakers don’t start with a multi-million dollar budget. They begin armed with passion for storytelling, and a love for film. New Radio Media offers aspiring filmmakers a platform to show the world what they are truly capable of. The NRM Indie Short Showcase highlights the talents of filmmakers from around the world, showing off a wide variety of categories and styles. Start streaming today!


Submit your short film to be hosted on our site! Just fill out the submission form and our panel will review your film and get back to you as soon as possible. Please only submit films that you have 100% complete rights to, including music. Questions?  Just Ask!


Films are not rated. The subject matter of some films may not be suitable for all audiences. Bring your own popcorn.

  • The Girl On The Mat

    The Girl On The Mat

    The Girl on the Mat is a sports drama about Hayden, a high school female wrestler poised to be the champion of her state as she struggles with her Mother's health and her team-mate's abusive behavior. Directed by Robert Joseph Butler. 

  • Devout


    When a priest visits a young killer in prison, he is forced to examine his own spiritual ideals. Directed by Andy Bisaha. 

  • Model No. Human

    Model No. Human

    A man with a mechanical brain believes he once lived as a human. When he meets a familiar young girl, memories of his past are triggered and he fights for her life. Directed by Adam Cooper. 

  • Five Windows

    Five Windows

    Five Windows focuses on an assassin preparing for the killing of his rival. As he leads his respected enemy down a trail of deception and illusion, it becomes clear that he is not the only one being tricked. Directed by Adam and Daniel Cooper. 

  • Welcome To Ohio

    Welcome To Ohio

    After Henry wakes from a vividly emotional dream, a visit to his grandmother re-awakens something that his dream may have already ignited. Directed by Hamoody Jaafar.  

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